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Old Gringo Boots According to Lacé

It’s a busy Saturday afternoon in Allens Boots on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. Knowledgeable sales associates are scattered throughout the store, helping the boot-browsing customers find the right size, shape, and fit of Lucchese, Ariat, and Old Gringo boots, Stetson cowboy hats, Rock & Roll Cowgirl jeans, and much more.

Lacé (far left) and the Allens Boots crew on South Congress Ave.

Lacé (far left) and the Allens Boots crew on South Congress Ave.

Among them is the ever-smiling, ever-friendly Lacé, and we’d like to introduce you to her. We caught her out on the floor for a few minutes and got to know her a little bit. This post is dedicated to her experience at Allens Boots and her cowboy boot roots.

A seasoned Allens sales associate, Lacé (pronounced “LAY-see”) has been at Allens for five years. How did she get her start? In her own words, “I had an interview, and I showed up with my shirt tucked in and my belt buckle on and my grandpa’s boots that were three sizes too big with four pairs of socks on each foot… and time has flown by.” Originally from Austin herself, Lacé said she applied at Allens because she wanted to work in the western market.

Though not a boot-wearer by nature, Lacé has embraced the boot world and all that comes with it. Wearing a southwestern-patterned wrap, denim shorts, and a pair of Old Gringo Razzes, she explained that cowboy boots have always been in her life.

“I adopted [the style] for the job,” she said, “but I grew up in a boot household. I wore boots a lot when I was younger, but once you get into high school you think, ‘Oh that’s not cool anymore! I don’t want to be like my parents,’ so you wear silver combat boots—I know, I know, I was a dork—which I traded up for really nice handmade, gorgeous cowboy boots. Much better quality, and a much more timeless, classic look.”

Women's Old Gringo Erin Boots Black #L640-9

Women's Old Gringo Erin Boots Black #L640-9

She now has about 10 pairs of cowboy boots she wears regularly, and among them, several pairs of Old Gringo boots. “I really love Old Gringos,” she said, strolling up the women’s size 8 ½ aisle (her size, if you were curious). “I love the fit and they fit me tremendously well.”

Lacé’s favorite boots that she owns are the Women’s Old Gringo Erin 13” boots in black. Once again citing their impeccable fit, they are the most comfortably pair she owns, saying, “I would buy them again and again and again.”

Women's Old Gringo Monarca Boots Volcano Black #L026-36

Women's Old Gringo Monarca Boots Volcano Black #L026-36

She also admires the Women’s Old Gringo Monarca Volcano boots in black and brass. She loves the design, and of course the beautiful turquoise, being from the southwest. They wear very well over time and of course, a major perk, they match brown and black, making them an extremely versatile addition to a wardrobe.

Lacé has helped all kinds of customers find their perfect boots. Allens Boots continually plays host to colorful characters; everyone from out-of-towners, to foreign tourists, to big celebrities have stopped by Allens. “I don’t think I’ve ever helped a celebrity that was rude or disrespectful or snotty,” she said. She also says her favorite celebrity to help is a very friendly Chris Robinson of the rock band The Black Crowes.

So what’s in Lacé’s cowboy boot future? She’s definitely ready for a new pair.

“I feel like this season I’m leaning more toward round-toe boots—more of a polo, kind of lieutenant-style of a boot. Lucchese does some really nice lieutenant-style boots in a really nice ranch-hand that I would love.”


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